What parents need to know about the dangerous ‘Blue Whale Challenge’

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At age 15, Isaiah Gonzalez, following a disturbing challenge on social media, took his own life. Photo: Photo Courtesy Of The Gonzalez Family Fifteen-year-old Isaiah Gonzalez was a soon-to-be sophomore who just joined the ROTC program at his high school. But on July 8, Gonzalez’ father Jorge stepped into his son’s bedroom in their San Antonio, home. Isiah was dead, hanging from the closet, an apparent suicide. Next to his body was a cellphone propped up on a shoe, broadcasting the suicide, according to KSAT.

If the teenager’s sudden suicide wasn’t tragic enough, the Gonzalez family quickly learned Isaiah’s end was possibly tied to macabre online spectacle known as the Blue Whale Challenge.

Essentially a dangerous personal obstacle course of 50 daily tasks that include everything from watching horror films to self-multination, the game is rumored to be behind unexpected deaths across the globe. But because the challenge plays out on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the reality is hard to prove. In fact, due to the extreme premise alone, some says it’s just an Internet hoax invented to frighten parents and other adults.


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