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Website, Magazine & Events Advertising

WwEventMasters is a progressive Events marketing firm based on the Event Masters of San Antonio since 2015. Our passion is twofold: to make Events planning a less stressful, more joyful time for Entertainers and to help quality Events Vendors more efficiently connect with those Entertainers in need of their services. Entertainers want you, you want them. In essence, we are matchmakers!

At WwEventMasters we live and breathe Event Masters Events. We understand our market. We understand our Entertainers. Understanding media tools, the needs of the Entertainers and the needs of the Vendors has enabled us to create an extremely effective troika of products that successfully serve both our Entertainers and Vendor clients:

Our beautiful full-color hard copy Magazines
Our highly-functional Website
Our exciting upbeat Events

Today’s Entertainers have a lot more going on in their life than Events planning. So our Magazine, Website and Events are designed to help these busy entertainers easily find everything they need with our proven easy to use Events planning tools….each a veritable Events Mall for the Entertainers.

We live in a media-drenched world where it is important to direct your limited advertising dollars toward:

Products that stand out, that your niche audience will find
Products that focus your message specifically to your target audience
Products that provide powerful cutting-edge tools that your target audience needs

Our products deliver. We have an Advertiser retention rate of approximately 85 percent, which speaks volumes (to review some Client testimonials, scroll down). How do we accomplish this retention rate? It’s simple: our approach works! And we can help you to attract more of the thousands of WwEventMasters to Your Business too! With our flexible a la carte advertising menu, you can advertise using one, two or all three of our highly targeted marketing products.

How will Entertainers find YOUR business?

In the sections below you will find most everything you need to know about advertising with WwEventMasters. If you would like to skip ahead to a particular topic, here is the order of the remainder of this page:

Website Advertising
Magazine Advertising
Events Advertising
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Website Advertising

Enjoy 24/7 Website Advertising on Entertainers LOVE our website planning tools and use it in repeatedly in planning their Events. Why? Because our entire Events Planning magazine (plus much more!) is reproduced on our website for today’s Internet-Savvy Entertainers.

At, Entertainers have the tools they need to plan their Events at their fingertips. These tools include easy access to hundreds of Local Events Vendors that they need for their big day. WwEventMasters spends the marketing dollars necessary to ensure that Entertainers find our Website and as a result, they also find YOUR BUSINESS. Both Local Entertainers and Destination Entertainers find that is a great place to go to save time and minimize stress while planning every aspect of their Events.

Please note that Magazine Advertisers receive a significant discount off of the standard booth price. Due to the low pricing of the Website-Only advertising, we are unable to extend this discount to Website-Only Advertisers.
Website Quality

WwEventMasters Website was completely redesigned in 2015. Although our existing Website had been extremely popular with the Entertainers, it was time to update the design and improve the functionality of our Events Planning Tools. Our new Website is easy to navigate and its tools are a breeze to use. The new design has allowed us to include many more beautiful photos, bringing more interest and color into the site. And best of all, finding Events Vendors is now easier than ever. And Entertainers love it!

Website Statistics

Hits – average 52,000 hits per week, with a peak average of 67,000 hits per week
Visitors – average 450 visitors per day, with a peak average of 654 visitors per day

Website Advertising Options

Standard Website Listing
Silver Website Listing
Gold Website Listing
Banner Ads

Website Advertising Rates & Contracts

San Antonio, Texas – Website Ad Contract
Austin, Texas – Website Ad Contract

What Next?

Check out the options on the Contract and fax or mail it over to the address in the upper right corner of the contract to get your Website Ad started. Feel free to email with any questions to (this is a very new feature. please let us know if you have any problems while signing up)
Magazine Advertising

Reap the benefits of a Display Advertisement in WwEventMasters 365 days a year. Your ad in WwEventMasters works for you all year long (unlike a daily or weekly newspaper). Also, because this is a Events Magazine, these Magazines go directly to your Target Audience, rather than the ‘shotgun’ approach of newspapers. Entertainers LOVE our Magazines and use them in planning their Events. Why? Because our magazines has been written as a Events Planning Guide for the Entertainers, not simply a brochure filled with ads. We have honed the presentation of information in our Magazines for years so that using it is easy and intuitive for Entertainers. Plus Magazine Advertisers receive a significant discount off of the standard booth price at our Events as well as a discount on Website Advertising.
Magazine Quality

WwEventMasters Magazines are beautifully designed high quality Magazines. They are produced on high quality glossy paper and it is full color throughout. Our unique 6.5 inches x 9.5 inch size is an eye-catcher. Plus this is a convenient purse-sized format so that the Entertainers can take it with them to their Vendor appointments.

The Business Index Directory and Facility Guide Directory in the back of each edition of our Magazines give Entertainers easy access to a summary each Advertiser’s contact information.
Magazine Distribution

WwEventMasters spends the marketing dollars necessary to ensure that Entertainers find our Magazines and as a result, they also find YOU! WwEventMasters Magazine is published once per year and is redistributed throughout the year. We have an extensive distribution network. It is distributed at all of our own Events, at most other Events, with our 250+ Advertisers and Events Exhibitors, at most Bridal Shops, County Clerk Offices and Chambers of Commerce.
Magazine Advertising Options

San Antonio, Texas and Austin, Texas. County Edition

Publication Date – This Edition is published Annually each Fall
Distribution – 10,000 copies distributed throughout the year in San Antonio and Austin counties.
Price – Ad pricing starts at only $425 (for 1/8 page color display ad).
Advertising Window – We accept reservations from February through May each year.
Ad Insertion Contract (Includes Web Contract) – Click here to download our Display Ad Insertion Order form

What Next?

If you would like to obtain an Advertisement in our Magazine, please review the options on the Ad Insertion Contract and email, fax or snail mail it over to the address in the upper right corner of the contract to get your Magazine Ad started. You can use this same contract to sign up for a combination Magazine Ad/Website Listing too.

If you have any questions that we can help you with, please send us an email at or you can give us a call at 210.446.6407.
Events Advertising

WwEventMasters’s exciting Events create a unique opportunity for Events Vendors to connect with hundreds of Entertainers face to face. We produce Events in the cities of San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. Any business may participate in our Events; however, Magazine Advertisers receive a significant discount off of the standard booth price.
Events Quality

WwEventMasters Shows do NOT Disappoint! Our Austin Events have been a huge success for years. Large numbers of Entertainers attend from across the county attend, as well as Entertainers from surrounding counties, from the Houston, Corpus Cristi, Dallas, and a smattering of destination Entertainers from across the country.
Attracting Entertainers

We attract the area Entertainers with our blanket advertising campaign and our direct Emailing campaign. We accomplish our destination Entertainers reach through our highly successful website, which averages between 47,000 and 62,000 hits per week! Our expos generally attract around 800 attendees (over 300 of these are Entertainers). How do we ensure success? Well, we can’t tell you all of our marketing tricks, but read some of our Client Testimonials (scroll down) to get a comfort zone about the level of commitment we have toward our Events. We pull out the stops when it comes to marketing for our clients.
How To Exhibit

All Events service and product suppliers are welcome to have a booth at our Events. Current WwEventMasters magazine advertisers receive a discount. You are welcome to sign up for the Event alone, or you may choose to advertise as well. Either way, we know that you will be very happy with this investment of your time and marketing dollars!


Email List

All of our current Advertisers receive Email Notifications at important times (when our Advertising Period opens, Events registration opens, etc.) Non Advertisers can also receive these Email Notifications. To have your email address added to our database, simply send us an email ( and type “Add Me – Opportunity” in the subject line. We will send you occasional emails with information. (Don’t worry, we do NOT sell our email database and we do not send tons of emails.)
Link Button to WwEventMasters

Add prestige and legitimacy to your businesses website! When you become a WwEventMasters advertiser, you can add our “Logo Link” Icon to your website. (coming soon) Click here to download the Icon graphic and the code you will need for this link to be included on your site. If you have any technical questions about adding the Icon to your website, please send us an email at