The DJ and the Host

The DJ and the Host

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Event Masters In Your City

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When is your next Event?

Our Evenrs are held in San Antonio, Texas, and Austin Texas at various times of the year. For complete details on the location, date, time and cost of the next Event, go to our

How much does it cost to attend your Event?

It generally costs $10.00 per person or $15.00 per couple at the door. However, for complete details on the location, date, time and cost of the next Event, go to our

I don’t want to do a lot of shopping, but I still need to get the Performer, DJ and Host for my Event. Can simply have these types of Vendors call me?

Yes, we can have Event coordinators and Promoters contact you directly with information about their goods and services.Simply completing our “One Click” form and the information will be delivered to you via email or US Mail.  We never give our your phone numbers, nor do we sell your contact information to anyone.

How can I receive email notices about Events or other promotions?

You can sign up for our emailed Newsletter by clicking on the Newsletter link on the left side of the home page or under the Planning Tools tab. You will not be bombarded with emails from We generally send out about 3 emails per month with information about upcoming Events or other events. We never sell our contact list and you can easily opt out at anytime.

Where can I pick up the latest copy of Magazine?

You can pick up a copy of our magazine at most of our advertisers, listed Online or at most  shops, local  registration offices, chambers of commerce, at every Event and at most other Event. Feel free to send us an email if you have problems finding a copy and we will help you track one down.

Advertiser FAQ

How can we advertise with

We have three ways to advertise with, our Magazines, our Website and our Events. In the Advertiser Section of this website you will find detailed information on each of these options along with links to pricing details and contracts.

How often are your magazines published?

We publish our Magazines once each year. This magazine is available for distribution in the last week of September. Additional details are available in the Advertiser Section.

What Magazine Ad sizes are available?

Complete details of Ad sizes are available in the Advertiser Section.

What are the options for your website listings?

Complete details for listing your business on our website is available on our Advertiser Section including Banner Ad sizes and pricing.

When are your Event and how can we participate?

We currently produce Events in San Antonio, Texas, and Austin, Texas.


Facebook Comment Giveaways

How do I enter to win?

Simply comment on designated wwEventMasters Facebook posts for a chance to win!

Can I receive extra entries for commenting multiple times on a single post?

Sorry, no. You are welcome to comment multiple times on a single post, however, they will only count for one entry.

Are there any restrictions on what my comment can contain? 

Please try to ensure that your comment is relevant to the post. We will generally present a question such as, “What marketing package did you choose for your Event?” Or we might ask for information such as “What advice would you give someone just starting out with their Event plans?” Any posts deemed by wwEventMasters staff to be trolling, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate will be removed and not count towards an entry. Please try to keep your posts to a PG rating.

Not all questions or requests will be relevant to you, but you can always tag a friend that it does apply to, or even tell us how much you love the question even though you can’t answer it yourself!

What are the prizes?

Prizes will vary and will be announced in the Facebook post.

When are the drawings and how are they conducted?

Drawings will take place monthly unless otherwise specified. The exact date will be announced. The drawing itself will be conducted by a wwEventMasters staff member or designated 3rd party. The drawing may be conducted by hand or using a 3rd Party app to randomly select a winner.

Do I have to be currently engaged to win?

No! We have no restrictions on who may be entered to win!

If I win, how will I be contacted, and how will I receive my prize?

wwEventMasters will contact winners through Facebook (generally using messaging), and coordinate with the winner to have the prize mailed, personally delivered, or picked up by the winner.

Are there any other rules or restrictions?

  • wwEventMasters reserves the right to change the prize giveaways at any time.
  • Prizes containing alcohol or other age resticted items will only be awarded to winners over the designated age.
  • If prize winners cannot be contacted after 3 attempts, prizes may be re-offered to new winners or returned to the gifting party.
  • Prizes not claimed within 30 days of the drawing may be re-offered to new winners or returned to the gifting party.